10 Junk-Food Classics You Can Recreate at Home

From a brilliant variation on Twix to DIY peanut butter cups, these snack-food recipes recreate everything you loved as a kid—minus the suspect ingredients.

  • Twix Bars. Our go-to candy bar, our movie companion, our lunchtime fascination, our trade-anything-for-it Halloween treat, is now available in our kitchen. Our mouths just dropped.
  • Cheez-Its. The paprika is responsible for the tang; the better the cheese you use, the sharper and more elegant the taste, yet they will still remain distinctly Cheez-It-esque.
  • Hostess Cupcakes. This recipe is close to any standard cupcake version you may have on hand, but it is infused with cream and then dipped in chocolate, which sounds like a lot of work, but it all goes pretty quickly.
  • Peanut Butter Cups. We opted for a combination of dark and milk chocolate here, resulting in one heck of a peanut butter cup. The dark chocolate and the floral spice of the Sichuan give them a hint of sophistication, and make for an all-around delicious treat.
  • Milano Cookies. These cookies are as elegant and sophisticated as you are. And adding a little bit of orange zest in the last step makes them even better.
  • Chicken Fingers. Because sometimes chicken fingers are just a snack—especially when they come perfectly crisped with the addition of Parmesan cheese and oregano.
  • Mallomars. We’re showing you how to make New York's rarest cookie, whenever and wherever you want them. Their shape may be a bit wonky, but it’s a charming, imperfect wonkiness. And they’re just as delicious.
  • Sweet Potato Chips. Any spice you enjoy could be appropriate on these (za'atar, smoked paprika, ground cinnamon), but we went with some pre-fab taco spice because it has so many flavors that work great with sweet potatoes.
  • Party Popcorn. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Tonight, we're making perfect popcorn, seasoned your way.
  • Almond Joy Candy Bars. In 30 minutes, these no-bake almond joys can be yours to savor. With an almond on top and a thick chocolate coating, the candy bar is complete.

Remember running home from the school bus stop and straight to your kitchen? At that time, our favorite snacks came in a swanky package, like the blocky red box that held our beloved Cheez-Its or the rectangular, white bag that encased our favorite Milano cookies. Now that we’re a little older and wiser (kind of), we’ve decided that making our favorite snack foods at home beats the plastic packaging. Oh, and they taste better too.

Click through the gallery above to see all of the recipes.


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