Sexy Tokyo Robot Restaurant Makes Anthony Bourdain Feel His Age

It could have been the dinosaurs in bikinis that did it.

Photos: Danny Choo

Photos: Danny Choo

Never has a man looked as overwhelmed as traveling chef Anthony Bourdain during a recent episode of CNN’s Parts Unknown. Bourdain, the man who famously eats everything put in front of him, paid a visit to Tokyo. The episode dealt heavily in Tokyo’s prominent sexuality, as well as hentai and their love of sexy tentacles (cue repressed shudder).

In Bourdain’s travelogue A Cook’s Tour, he writes of Tokyo as one of his very favorite cities. However, in this episode, Bourdain ate a meal at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo’s Shinjuku Kabukicho district which made him feel incredibly uncomfortable. The restaurant’s show features scantily clad girls in costume and giant girl-shaped robots.

Photos: Danny Choo

Photo: Danny Choo

On the Parts Unknown website, Bourdain asks: “Is Japan simply crazier and kinkier than we are? Does this detail-oriented Sodom and Gomorrah relate somehow to their incredible and varied perfectionist cuisine? And is anyone, in the middle off all this madness, actually getting laid? . . . If you ever saw the uncut version, your heads would explode.”

Here’s Bourdain watching the sex-fueled insanity…

And here’s a list of truly bizarre Robot Restaurant Attractions, as compiled by Eater:

  • Ominous narration
  • A light show
  • Pole dancers
  • An all-lady marching band
  • Monkeys driving tanks
  • Samurais
  • Panda ninjas
  • Glow sticks
  • Robots in rainbow clown wigs
  • Giant robots driven by scantily clad women
  • Dinosaurs
  • Tigers
  • Cavewomen
  • Lasers
  • Motorcycles

Watch the whole uncomfortable clip here.

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  • iain

    I think anyone would feel overwhelmed at the onslaught of sensory overload that performance deals to you. I mean that was insane!!! I don’t care who you are that was nucking futs.

  • Christopher J Schaaff

    I’d bang these sluts & then drink some saki

  • Murphles

    Terrible show. Terrible series. Used to love this presenter. But new show is more about sex than food

  • Curtis Garrison

    I went to Tokyo and this same Robot Restaurant and it was an awesome show! It was like a theater dinning such as Medieval Times, but was much more exciting with robots, lasers, full LED walls and ceilings and many dozens of cute asian girls.

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