These Creepy Santa-Shaped Foods will Haunt Your Christmas Dreams

Forget coal, these Santas will scare the even naughtiest kids into shape

  • From the test kitchen of Charles Phoenix comes this manic meatloaf Santa that is hopefully not what's for dinner. (Photo: Facebook)
  • This unabashedly violent chocolate Santa didn't even bother wiping the blood off his beard. Photo: (Trend Hunter)
  • Swiss bread Santa ended is undoubtedly going to kill you in the night. (Photo: The Fresh Loaf)
  • When one expressionless Santa isn't enough, why not DIY a terrifying army of them? (Photo: Where Evil Thoughts)
  • This sushi Santa by is definitely hiding something behind that smirk, and we don't want to know what it is. (Photo: Imgur)
  • From the looks of it, even Santa thinks the black lipstick was a little much. (Photo: Cake Wrecks)
  • Ever imagine what Santa would look like if his body melted into a big, red puddle? No? Here it is anyway, in cupcake form. (Photo: Flickr)
  • This cake Santa is in a glass case of emotion, and he is NOT OK. (Photo: Cake Wrecks)
  • Russel Stover's Marshmallow Santa answers the question: what would it be like if Santa's body parts melted into one another? (Photo: Deadspin)
  • I don't know what this DIY Santa cone is, but I know it's staring at me from every angle. (Photo: Flickr)

For those of you who intend on having a night before Christmas filled with dreams of sugar plums, paid-off student loans, new cars, and other good stuff, we have some food you’ll want to avoid eye-contact with.

Sure, these Santa-inspired foods were crafted with the most festive of intentions, but, boy, do they stray from the heart-warming spirit of Christmas. These Santas will peer into your soul with their beady, lifeless eyes; their amorphous shapes will make you question everything you thought you knew about the main man of Christmas. They’ll make you remember that Santa is actually celebrated for breaking into your house at night, taking your food, and leaving you mysterious packages.

Click through the gallery to witness some seriously creepy edible Santas.  


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