Salmon Fishing with Corey Arnold

The photographing fisherman takes over The New Yorker's Instagram account, offering a snapshot of life in Naknew, Alaska.

  • "Gio, Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon fisherman at Red Salmon Cannery."
  • "Billie is the toughest fisherwoman I know. So happy to have her on the crew. Last season she got aassive elbow gash. We sewed it up over the kitchen table and she was back to work the next day. Memories permanently scarred in her black tattoo."
  • "Better get some blessed life insurance #deathtrap #blessedinsurance #fishermansfund"
  • "John Biskey has been a fisherman in Bristol Bay, Alaska since 1982. We share a bunkhouse here in Naknek."
  • "Kari McClintock bravely working a summer job as a waiter at D&D restaurant in Naknek, Alaska."
  • "This is Sam, a fisherman from Port Townsend, WA at the Red Salmon bunkhouse."
  • "Pre Season horseplay."
  • "Post-season horseplay."
  • "This is the 23 foot f/v Passion Pit. She hasn't been at sea over a decade, and rather has served as a love nest for cannery workers in the junkyard. This week we will resurrect her into our sleeping and supply barge. You will see a dramatic difference in a few days."
  • "Niño hanging a 25 fathom shackle of gill net in preps for the Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon season. Gill netting here is not to be confused with high seas illegal gill netting. No bycatch here in the bay, we are the good guys:)"
  • "Terry Sevy, Bristol Bay fisherman, neo-luddite."
  • "One of those 'Am I too drunk to drive home with one headlight?' Moments"
  • "The Capt and crew of the f/v Erin L are against the proposed Pebble mine. I think they used the f word when I brought it up. What a surprise. #puckfebble #nopebblemine #bristolbay #alaska #commercialfishing #gillnetters"
  • "Somewhere on this to do list it says: BUY BULK BABY WIPES."

Photographer and commercial fisherman Corey Arnold took over The New Yorker’s Instagram account this week, and he’s ‘gramming live from Naknek, Alaska, where wild Sockeye Salmon are born. In an introduction to the photo series, Arnold explains, “I’m going to show you around Naknek, where thousands of fishermen are preparing for the arrival of an estimated 26,000,000 salmon.”

He notes that Naknew is one of the most sustainable small scale fisheries in the world, but it is “now under threat by a massive proposed open pit copper mine, and it’s 10 billion tons of toxic waste.” He’s referring to Pebble Mine, which is situated immediately up-gradient to the salmon fishery.

Bristol Bay (where Nanek is located) is one of the world’s few and most productive wild salmon strongholds that supports a $500 million commercial and sport fishery, according to Through his gorgeous ‘grammed photo essay, featuring intimate photos of life in Naknek, Arnold exposes how pollution from one mine could potentially destroy an entire ecosystem and wipe out a thriving industry.

Take a look through the gallery for pictures of badass fishermen and a snapshot of life in Naknew. All photos by Corey Arnold @arni_coraldo for @newyorkermag.

[via Corey’s Fishing News,]


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