Roy Choi Attempts to Become the First Dude to Wear Google Glass and Not Look Like a Douche

And he pulls it off by making a St. Patrick's Day burrito and having a chat with his mom.

Just like the first businessmen to carry briefcase-size cellphones through the streets of Manhattan, so-called Glassholes have become the scourge of society (as if we needed to be any more nervous that the Eye of Google is on us wherever we go). It’s impossible not to look a little goofy rocking Google Glass, but chef-philosopher Roy Choi demonstrates a less douchey side of the technology in this new Google Glass Explorer video.

While discussing the philosophy behind the legendary Kogi BBQ truck, Choi uses the Internet-enabled glasses to look up Irish recipes, chat in Korean with his mom, and record a delicious-looking recipe for a St. Patrick’s Day-themed burrito.

Now that we think about it, the potential applications of Google Glass for home-cooking are actually pretty cool. If only people would stop wearing it to bars

[via Eater]

  • The Colonel

    Problem for Roy is that he already comes off as a douche. Did you see his last appearance on Top Chef? He told the five remaining chefs that NONE of them made a sandwich that deserved to win, like a petulant little punk. His twitter feed is equally bitchy. And then there’s the hat. ODELAY VATO, you’re the hardest chef EVER!

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