Pregnant Mother Eats Walmart Steak Laced With LSD, Goes Into Labor

Of course, this all happened in Florida.


Photo: ABC15

A family of four in Tampa, FL—which included a pregnant woman—became ill and were rushed to the hospital after eating meat tainted with LSD, according to the Tampa Police Department.

The first toxicology report showed that the family had bottom round steak for dinner that was contaminated with the drug. Police said the hallucinogenic steak came from a Walmart store.

The woman, 31-year-old Jessica Rosado, was nine months pregnant when she was admitted to the hospital, and doctors induced labor. Miraculously, Rosado gave birth to a healthy baby boy and was released from the hospital on Thursday. Her boyfriend, Ronnie Morales, along with Rosado’s two children have since been released from the hospital.

LSD-laced steak in Florida shouldn’t be that surprising. Remember, this is the state in which a man claiming to be a doctor was injecting cement into woman’s butts, and a man attacked his girlfriend with a banana.

The Walmart store that supplied the bottom round steak has turned over all its meat for testing as police begin an investigation. Walmart told ABC News that all the meat at Walmart comes to the store pre-packaged and sealed and the store employes do not handle the meat.

[via ABC News]

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  • Anonymous

    How do you think the meat gets to the shelves? A walmart employee!!

  • BadJournalismIsBad

    Because LSD totally doesn’t degrade when exposed to either light or heat. It’s not like meat spends time under bright lights in a supermarket, or is heated when cooked. Oh wait…

    Yay fear-mongering!

  • Investigate911

    “miraculously she gave birth to a healthy baby” lmao what kind of story is this? its like they’re saying LSD would have caused birth defects…

  • Marcus

    Brilliant police-work here.

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    Oh fuck this

  • tits mcgee

    This is what happens when you take god out of our kitchens.

    • Bl4ckH4nd

      Wait, what?

  • Bl4ckH4nd

    The grammar of the person who wrote this article….wow.

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