Pizza Hut Releases New Over-the-top “Crazy Cheese Crust”

Pizza Hut-Cheesy Crust

Pizza can never have too much cheese—in fact, what people need is more cheese on their pizza. Pizza Hut, main hustler of the cheese on cheese philosophy, has unveiled their newest creation: “Crazy Cheese Crust.” The crusts are made up of 16 cup-shaped pieces filled with cheese, which are meant to be broken off and eaten in bites. The “Crazy Cheese Crust” will be available for a short period, unless they go the way of the original stuffed-crust pizza and are successful enough to merit their way onto the permanent menu.

Pizza Hut Executive Chef Wiley Bates III is responsible for the creation. Does this new pie trump the famous stuffed-crust pizza and challenge Tom Ryan’s legacy? Let us know.

[via Grubstreet]

  • J A Y

    Looks… good… but I can feel a heart attack coming on just staring at it

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