Photo Gallery: Scenes from an Eating Tour of Japan

A sneak peek of FWF's recent gastro-tour of Tokyo and Kyoto.

  • Sashimi presentation masterclass at Sakura Sakura in Tokyo.
  • This just in: Japan has good tuna.
  • More where that tuna came from: Sushi Tairyoko in Harajuku.
  • Baird Beer in Numazu is one of the leaders of the burgeoning Japanese craft beer scene. If you're in Tokyo, hit the brewery's Harajuku Taproom to taste all the offerings.
  • Grilled unagi extreme close-up cam.
  • At the Ichiran ramen chain, everyone gets an individual cubicle...
  • ...perfect for spending some alone time with this tonkotsu ramen.
  • The chef's table at Mirakumon Takano, where chef Takano cooks and serves Japanese-inflected French fare for no more than 10 guests at a time.
  • Chef Takano's ridiculous spit-cooked wagyu.
  • Chef Takano's house-made soba.
  • A scene from inside the Shinyokohama Ramen Museum, set up to look like a section of Tokyo in the '50s.
  • Tonkotsu from Toride, one of the nine regional ramen shops with outposts inside the Ramen Museum.
  • Ice coffee at the beautiful Omotesando Koffee, set inside what looks like a traditional Japanese living room. The small garden is a good place to get caffeinated while gazing at bonsai trees.
  • What you lookin' at?
  • The calm of a Kyoto dining room.
  • A hot pot with egg, congee, and yuzu in Kyoto.
  • The view from the Two Rooms, a popular expat bar in Tokyo's Ao mall.
  • In addition for its role in the Tale of Genji, historic city of Uji is known for its green tea producers. Everything here has matcha, including the soft-serve.
  • Pig and chicken bone broth infused with black sesame paste at Kohmen in Harajuku.
  • Imagine Uncrustables with pork cutlet and an egg instead of PB&J. You've just imagined this amazing snack-size sandwich, which you can pick up at the Isetan department store.
  • The fish display in the impressive food hall inside the Isetan department store.
  • The dipping broth at Rokurinsha, a famous tsukemen underneath Tokyo station.
  • Green tea soba makes for a perfect lunch.

In case you don’t follow us on Instagram (for shame!), this past week was marked by an onslaught of updates from Japan, where our EiC Chris Schonberger has been frolicking with deer, researching the next evolution of emoji, and—most importantly—eating like a maniac. Expect a full report on what he discovered in the coming weeks. In the meantime, catch up on all the food-porn highlights, including ramen, sushi, pork cutlet sandwiches, Wagyu beef, and more.

Click through the gallery above to see the best Instagram food shots from FWF’s trip to Japan.


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