Our Guide to Norwegian Breakfast Foods, In Honor of Joey Bada$$’s New Track

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The new single from Brooklyn rapper Joey Bada$$, “Norwegian Breakfast,” got us thinking: What do Norwegians actually eat for breakfast? (It also made us wonder we he chose to compare his genitals to “black licorice,” but that’s a discussion for another time.) Although the song has absolutely no direct reference to Norwegian food, Complex confirms that Joey had written the verses during his trip to the Scandinavian country. And according to this disapproving Instavideo shot in Nordland, Joey didn’t much like Norwegian breakfast (to be fair though, the remains of the meal don’t look particularly Norwegian—more like a generic hotel’s steam-table fare).

But we think Norway’s breakfast foods look mighty delicious, so we’ve provided you with a guide to the Nordic country’s favorite breakfast fare, just in case you wanted to nosh on a Brunost (brown cheese) sandwich while listening to Bada$$’s rhymes, which we would strongly advise that you do. #ThemedMornings

According to a guide by Noray-hei.com, Norwegians can’t get enough fish for breakfast, and you won’t find them eating fried bacon and potatoes in the early hours of the day—only at dinnertime. Waffles (Norske vaffler) are strictly for dessert, but all types of cheeses are breakfast-appropriate.

If you aren’t Norwegian, the countries’ breakfast traditions can be somewhat mind-boggling, so take a look below for popular dishes and their correct pronunciations.

Ansjos (AN-SHOHSE): Whole brisling (similar to anchovies or sardines) in wine and herb sauce

Photo: igourmet

Photo: igourmet


Sursild (SU-SHID): Pickled herring

Photo: Glad i mat

Photo: Glad i mat


Røkt Laks Smørrebrød (RHAKAY-LAKS-SMUHR-BRUTH): Open face smoked salmon sandwich

Photo: Bon Appetit

Photo: Bon Appetit


Gjetost (YEH-TUSST): Rich and salty caramelized cheese, containing 10 percent goat’s milk whey

Photo: igourmet

Photo: igourmet


Jarlsberg Cheese (YARLSBERG): This mild cow’s-milk cheese is similar to Swiss cheese


Brunost (BROON-HOST): A generic name for brown cheeses, some of which are sweet


Kremost med Urter (Pronunciation Unknown): Cream cheese with herbs

Photo: Flickr

Photo: Flickr


Fårepølse (Pronunciation Unknown): Dried sausage made from lamb


Norsk skinke (NORSHK-SHEENKAY): Thinly sliced Norwegian ham

Photo: Norway-hei

Photo: Norway-hei

[via Noray-hei.com, Complex Music]


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