Forget K-Cups: One-Shot Miso Soup Dispensers Are the Next Wave

We've thought about it a lot and concluded that this machine is entirely necessary in our lives.

Photos: Wikipedia, Time Out Japan

Photos: Wikipedia, Time Out Japan

While we’re all in our offices cranking out single pods of Newman’s Own Special Blend, the Japanese have trumped us one again. Time Out Japan brings word of the One-shot Kiwami, an at-home soup dispenser developed by miso manufacturer Marukome.
As you can see, it works exactly like Keurig coffee maker—just “insert one of the miso paste-filled canisters, made especially for the machine, and add water.”

Here are some specs from the manufacturer:



And in case you were wondering if miso soup really makes your “lunch meal” better, here’s proof:


Needless to say, we think every home should have one of these bad boys. If you agree, you can fly to Japan (totally worth it) and pick one up for ¥12,800, or about $125.

[via Time Out Tokyo]


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