Work Lunches Just Got a Lot More Interesting, Thanks to These Office Food Hacks

And more awesome stuff other people did on the Internet today.

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  • "A quick tip for your elevator ride up to the office: grab a piping hot cuppa joe at the corner store and stick an egg in it to make a hard boiled morning snack."
  • "One man’s toilet may be another man's treasure."
  • "Orders of certain 'refreshments' can be hidden within bulk purchases of office supplies. This type of subversive, self-centered behavior is key when hacking food. " Photo: Vice
  • "Lonely at lunch? Photocopy a special someone and hang her on the wall to add a romantic touch to the break room."
  • "Forget to contribute to the office potluck? Put a little South in your boss’s mouth with these quick and E-Z shredder nachos. ¡Muy caliente!"
  • "Hiding your food amongst office supplies allows for continuous snacking throughout the day. And, as with anything, organization is of the utmost importance."
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The first rule of food hacking? “Stop being so narrow-minded and heteronormative by confining your cooking to a kitchen,” writes the Male Chef over on VICE. Work lunches just got a hell of a lot more interesting, thanks to the office food hacks above.

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