NYC’s Best New Restaurants and Bars of 2013 (So Far)

It's shaping up to be another banner year in New York dining—don't fall behind.


Photo: Flickr/wallyg

Salvation Taco

Neighborhood: East Midtown
Address and phone: 145 E 39th St (212-865-5800)

While April Bloomfield has done remarkable things at the Spotted Pig and the Breslin, she's been cooking mostly in her comfort zone at those ever-popular spots, injecting classic British cookery with New York swagger. But here she takes a surprising turn from her ballsy brand of Anglo-American eats, teaming up with Mexican specialist Roberto Santibanez for a new take on the taqueria. Salvation Taco, which opened at the tail end of 2012, is situated right inside of the Pod 39 Hotel, a haven for thrifty travelers unafraid of small spaces, but the restaurant itself is big and fun, with ping-pong tables for guests and the smell of freshly made tortillas (a rarity in NYC) wafting through the dining room. Eat the guacomole, an outstanding, chucky dip brightened with a perfect hit of lime juice. While the cauliflower tacos are a little heavy on the curry and the fish tacos could be skipped, the sweetbreads tacos are essential—proof that Bloomfield's lusty cooking can make a whole lot of sense inside a tortilla. Also worthy are the kimchi tacos, which were salty and delicious. Bloomfield's attempt at quick-service, more affordable dining has its detractors, but when the dishes work, there is no denying her culinary curiosity. — Liz Barclay

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