NYC’s Best New Restaurants and Bars of 2013 (So Far)

It's shaping up to be another banner year in New York dining—don't fall behind.


Photo: Manzanilla


Neighborhood: Flatiron
Address and phone: 345 Park Avenue South (212-255-4086)

Fresh from Spain, decorated chef Dani Garcia (he of the two-Michelin star Calima in Andalucía) runs the type of joint I usually hate—a glossy, MILF-filled 6,600-square-foot mega-restaurant spread over two floors, with blustery decor and a showy open kitchen that you can't even sit in front of. But beyond the glitz, the chef has enough surprises up his sleeve to make the place a must-try for anyone intrigued by Iberian flavors. He's taken standards—croquettes, hams, and so on—and crafted a quick-hits of Spain menu that's laced with little flourishes that excite without screaming for attention. Those croquetas, which riff on squid ink and cuttlefish stew, are a must—New York Observer critic Joshua David Stein thinks these crisp bites "may be the best fried thing in the city." He's not alone. The seared Iberico pork is one of the few protein-oriented mains in recent memory that doesn't fade at the finish. Served with tomato pesto, potato-and-bacon terrine, and asparagus, it is near equal to the croquetas. So good is the pork that Manzanilla enters rare New York territory as a new eatery that produces entrees that are as successful as the small plates. — Nick Schonberger

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