NYC’s Best New Restaurants and Bars of 2013 (So Far)

It's shaping up to be another banner year in New York dining—don't fall behind.


Photo: Little Prince

Little Prince

Neighborhood: Soho
Address and phone: 199 Prince St (212-335-0566)

Do you ever feel like there's too much choice in New York? Like the onslaught of hipster Filipino food, new-school Italian-American, "elevated" Burmese, and Cronuts all becomes overwhelming and you just want some damn steak frites with a nice glass of red that you don't have to think too hard about? Little Prince is the answer to all your #firstworldproblems—a return to the simple pleasures of the French bistro, with all the charming little touches (like a wine list pasted into vintage copies of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's The Little Prince) that your Francophile date will appreciate. Fair warning: Your waiter might not be able to pronounce anything on the menu (restaurant growing pains?) or tell you how the ratatouille is made, but you don't really need help because you already know these dishes—the frisée aux lardons is warmed by soft-poached egg and given a bit of smoky oomph from Neuske’s bacon, while duck l’orange is beautifully cooked and really just exactly what you want it to be. There is one gimmick on the menu (well, two if you count the off-the-menu Foie Gras McMuffin): A French onion soup burger featuring Emmental and caramelized onion on an English muffin. It might spoil the old-fashioned Gallic fun if it weren't so damn good. — Chris Schonberger

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