10 No-Bake Desserts to Make All Summer

From adult cherry snow cones to banana pudding with fresh whipped cream, we’re taking your summer feasting up a notch with the simplest recipes ever.

  • Feta Frozen Yogurt with Blood Orange and Mint Granita. The granita offers a balanced sprinkling of bitterness and sweetness. And the frozen yogurt (which, by the way, gets very hard in the freezer; leave it out for a bit before scooping) is tangy with lashings of salt and honey.
  • Banana Pudding. Less dense than most renditions, this Southern classic is lightened with fresh whipped cream and studded with healthy chunks of banana.
  • Mint Chocolate Harbor Bars. Harbor Bars are enormous, chocolate-dipped ice-cream sandwiches made with soft chocolate chip cookies. Feel free to use whatever ice cream flavor you like.
  • Berry Summer Pudding. The pudding is the essence of summer: the bread absorbs the juices and melts into a sweet, fragrant sponge, and when you cut into the pudding, the berries tumble out like so many rubies and sapphires.
  • Affogato. This is the dessert that you want in your back pocket, ready for guests at a moment's notice. Keep a good stock of ice cream (a good life rule, generally), and we're sure you have espresso or strong coffee around.
  • Quick Strawberry Sherbet. Not only is this simple dessert packed with intense strawberry flavor, but it takes all of five minutes to make.
  • Lemon Posset. This recipe is the perfect thing for anyone who may be fearful of making custard but harbors a weakness—as we do—for this sort of milky, comforting, nursery-food.
  • Peaches Poached with Basil. This is a dish that keeps on giving. The peach halves, gently poached in a fragrant syrup of white wine and sugar infused with fresh basil, make a gorgeous, aromatic dessert.
  • Cherry Snow Cone. We loved the concept of a grownup snow cone from the very start. And just in case you’re wondering, the “optional” drizzle of cream is a must.
  • Fresh Strawberries in a Pink Cloud. The pink cloud is a pale pink, strawberry-infused mixture of ricotta and mascarpone cheeses. With a light and airy texture, this recipe will keep you and your kitchen cool this summer.

When it comes to ice cream, we know we’ve got you covered. But how about other summer-friendly treats that don’t require as much effort to make at home? Enter no-bake desserts, where you can have an indulgent dessert without having to crank up the oven. From adult cherry snow cones to banana pudding with fresh whipped cream, we’re kicking your summer feasting up a notch with the simplest recipes ever.

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