New York Chef Sam Mason on Writing Your Own Rules (Video)

The man behind Empire Mayo, OddFellows Ice Cream Co., and Lady Jay's breaks down the keys to his success.

Sam Mason

Of all the food magnates that run New York, few have the versatility of chef Sam Mason. Since making a name for himself as a leading acolyte of avant-garde cuisine at wd~50 and the now-shuttered Tailor, he has created his own mini empire in Brooklyn. As a bar owner, ice-cream purveyor, and local mayonnaise don, you might think there’s nothing he can’t do. In this three-part series presented by Gentleman Jack whiskey, Sam traces what led him to where he is now, and how he got from cooking high-end French food in Los Angeles to making gourmet frozen treats and owning a honky-tonk dive in Williamsburg.

Watch the videos below to see Sam Mason discuss the artistry of cooking, oddball ice-cream flavors, and his next move.

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