Food Gifts You Can Make For Your Mom to Make Her Love You

Save money without looking like a schmohawk—these mom-appropriate edible gifts, from homemade truffles to meringue-filled doughnuts, will do the trick.

  • Double-Chocolate Espresso Cookies. These cookies are crisp on the edges and chewy in the middle with pockets of soft chocolate. The espresso powder amplifies the chocolate, but not the sweetness, making it a grown-up cookie.
  • Maple Meringue-Filled Doughnuts These doughnuts need a little bit of time, but are pretty foolproof. They puff up beautifully, and then get filled with a creamy and subtly sweet maple meringue.
  • Ancho Chili-Cinnamon Chocolate Bark. Waves of smooth dark chocolate are spiced with smoky ancho, cinnamon, cloves and black pepper, and studded with dried cherries, cashews and pistachios.
  • Earl Grey Vanilla Bean Truffles Two Ways. The dark chocolate gets velvety smooth and incredibly rich. Vanilla, tea, and orange zest perfectly finish these treats.
  • Olive Oil and Maple Granola. Olive oil, maple, brown sugar and coarse salt form a rich, shaggy crust on wholesome innards like oats, pecans, and coconut shards.
  • Fudgy Bourbon Balls. A proper rum ball must be dense but moist, and ideally a little gooey. It must be boozy but shouldn't be too sweet. It should look unpromising and deliver a bang. These are proper rum balls.
  • Cream Biscuits. These are quite simply the best biscuits we have ever had. Instead of buttermilk or regular milk, they call for heavy cream, which keeps them from being even remotely dry.
  • Lotus Cocktail. One of our favorite summertime drink creations is the Lotus. It's light, clean and refreshing, and perfect for a warm day.
  • Sage-Candied Walnuts. This is the kind of adult walnut confection that should be served at your favorite cocktail bar. Don't be afraid to up the sage by half or reduce the sugar a little depending on your taste. Either way, you'll be munching on these til kingdom come.
  • Cheese Crispettes. These are crisp and crunchy, and full of the flavor of cheddar cheese and cayenne. Goodbye, Cheez-its.

For Mother’s Day, you could go with flowers, buy a box of chocolates, or online shop for the perfect gift. But that would require forethought and money. If you want something that hits the perfect balance of cheap and meaningful, your best bet is to go homemade. Here are our favorite, most mom-appropriate edible gifts, from homemade truffles to meringue-filled doughnuts.

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