Morbid Couple Marries With Severed Head Wedding Cake

And more awesome stuff other people did on the Internet today.


Photo: Austinist

Thanks, The Frisky, for bringing the creepiest wedding cake in the history of weddings to our attention. The cake was served to guests at an Austin, Texas couple’s wedding at the Alamo Drafthouse. The banner reading “Til Death Do Us Part”—and the splattered blood—really is a  nice touch. Here’s some other stuff we loved today:

Deliveryman awarded $900,000 in anti-semitism case against abusive employer. [Gothamist]

20 spooky scary sweets to make for Halloween. [Serious Eats]

Pottery Barn pulls offensive sushi chef costumes. [Eater]

Disturbing trend alert: Babies in pumpkins. [BuzzFeed]

Lena Dunham’s ode to takeout is surprisingly tender. [Jezebel]

  • Jesse R.

    Best wedding cake ever.

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