Clever Meat and Cheese Labels Show Exactly Which Animal Part The Package Contains

These informative labels make purchasing meat and cheese much simpler.

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You want meat, you love cooking and eating meat, but you’re always a bit confused when you get to the supermarket. You’re not alone.

To demystify the meat buying process, Barcleona branding agency Fauna has designed highly informative packaging labels that use square boxes to point out which part of the animal the meat came from. Ah, pictures. We like pictures.

The minimalist packaging was designed for CORELLA, a small store in Spain that specializes in meats and cheeses. Fauna was given the task of unifying and redesigning the image of the store, and the company nailed it by using only black and white font, crisp black livestock illustrations, and red and gold squares for highlighting the cuts.




[via Design Taxi]

  • Dan Thilman

    it’s truly remarkable this took so long, and is considered clever…we mask the provenance of meat so much

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