McDonald’s France Launches New “American” Burger Line, Featuring “Le Double Shiny Bacon” Burger

There's a "Le Double Cornbread BBQ" burger, too.

Photo: Agathoune

Photo: McDonald's FR, Agathoune

French McDonald’s restaurants, purveyors of delicacies like le Croque McDo (two pancakes sandwiching ham and cheese), are currently featuring a promotional line of sandwiches called “Breads & America.” The promotion is for a limited time only and features burgers with various “American” buns.

Three new sandwiches are loosely based on American offerings: Le Double Shiny Bacon (oh, we know!) offers two burger patties with cheese in between and bacon on top; Le Double Cornbread Barbecue has two patties, cheese, BBQ sauce, and cornbread buns; and let’s not forget Le Grand Bagel Cheese.

Le Grand Bagel Cheese

Le Grand Bagel Cheese

Le Double Shiny Bacon

Le Double Shiny Bacon

Le Double Cornbread Barbecue

Le Double Cornbread Barbecue

It’s no secret that the French adore MacDo. Although the country traditionally places emphasis on eating seasonally with fresh ingredients, sometimes you just need a guilty pleasure. French McDonald’s restaurants have received media attention for their profitability and higher pay ($12 an hour). Plus, they use grass-fed, high quality beef.

Of course, that mostly just makes the food taste better. The nutritional value is about the same. One of Le Double Shiny Bacon burgers packs 803 calories (40% of your daily allowance) and 52 grams of fat. In comparison, the Bacon McDouble has 460 calories and 27 grams of fat.

In 2009, The New York Times reported that McDonald’s was growing fastest in France, where it opened 1,140 branches in 30 years.

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