McDonald’s Celebrates World Cup with First-Ever French Fry Redesign

The iconic fry box will get a global World Cup makeover, featuring artist-commissioned designs that serve as portals to an augmented reality soccer game.

Photos: McDonald's Newsroom

Photos: McDonald's Newsroom

Only a worldwide cultural phenomenon like the 2014 FIFA World Cup™ could usurp the preeminent power of the Golden Arches on McDonald’s french fry boxes.

Beginning May 26th, McDonald’s will unveil brand new designs for its medium and large fry boxes in celebration of the global event, an unprecedented move in the fast-food chain’s history.

The boxes will be decorated with World Cup-themed artwork commissioned from 12 international artists. The selected designs—narrowed down from a initial curated list of 500 artists from around the world—are meant to depict the glory and excitement of the game.

In an interview with, McDonald’s senior director of global marketing Matt Biespiel remarked,

“The idea was to use art in a way we hadn’t before, using the french fry box as a canvas. Once we had that idea, it sort of took on a life of its own.”

The boxes are also also designed to be portals to an augmented reality app, aptly named McDonald’s GOL!

Photo: Adage

Photo: Adage

Here’s how it works: Users can download the app by holding their smartphone in front of a box of french fries. The box will then transform from a vessel of salty deliciousness to a soccer goal, with the objective being to “kick” the ball into the goal with one’s finger.

To encourage creative game-playing, “trick” moves are rewarded (such as bouncing the ball off of an obstacle); in the spirit of competition and shameless over-sharing, scores will be tallied and aggregated by country and can be shared via social networks. Hooray!

The below video via McDonald’s illustrates this concept, minus the salty/greasy fingers, iPhone-induced glaze, and overall lack of movement the game will require.

Jokes aside, you’ve got to hand it to a fast-food company to unabashedly go all-in for a sporting event. Also on their list World Cup of promotions? Launching World Cup-themed menus in places like Japan, Brazil, and Australia.

In Australia’s World Cup promo, the Brazil Burger will be on a bun that looks like a soccer ball. (Photo: Burger Business)

In Australia’s World Cup promo, the Brazil Burger will be on a bun that looks like a soccer ball. (Photo: Burger Business)

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