Mind-Blowing Mashup Recipes You Can Make at Home

Recipes that will confuse your eyes and delight your taste buds.

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  • Ice Cream Bread. As mind-boggling as it sounds, ice cream bread is very legitimate and easy to make (we know because we've tested it). With a pint of ice cream and self-rising flour, you can turn any one of your favorite flavors into a sweet, soft loaf of bread. Here's a good recipe from
  • Peanut Butter Glazed Brownie Doughnuts. Cronuts are all good, but sometimes you just want to go all-American with your desserts. Simply Scratch has you covered on that front, combining brownies and doughnuts into one peanut butter-smothered treat.
  • Cheetos macarons. What may sound like one of the most unorthodox recipes on this list is actually one of the most impressive. Christina Ha of NYC's Macaron Parlour is the mastermind behind these bougie-meets-cheesy-vending-machine-food desserts. Get the recipe at
  • Homemade Cadbury Creme Egg. The Cadbury Creme Egg is one of the most iconic seasonal snacks—but why wait until Easter? Making your own version of the candy-aisle classic—with better ingredients to boot—will blow people's minds. Get the recipe at
  • Cake fries. This cookie dough baked in the shape of fast-food french fries, sprinkled with sea salt, and served with a side of buttercream ketchup is a fun spin on the whole savory-sweet concept. Get the recipe at
  • Apple Pie Fries. Another spin on the fry-cookie idea, these win because of their dipping potential. Don't pretend that waffle sticks didn't blow your eight-year-old mind. Serve these with some caramel sauce or ice cream and you can achieve the same childlike joy. Get the recipe at
  • Krispy Kreme Sloppy Joe. We don't recommend waiting in lines for five hours to make an Not This News to learn how to make them.
  • S'mores cookies. Why should you have to decide? The cookie here is laced with cinnamon to evoke a graham cracker, and the chocolate and marshmallow melt right on top—less messy, potentially more delicious. Who else but the queen
  • Buffalo Chicken Superbowl Cupcake. The unlikely combination of buffalo wings and cupcakes sound completely unholy when you first consider it. A spicy, smokey appetizer mixed with sweet and soft baked goods shouldn't happen, but the creator of the recipe vouches for the corn bread-like cake and blue cheese-y frosting. Start practicing so that you can nail this football season returns. Get the recipe at
  • Bugle cones. Bugles are a snack food loved by all. But what if they can serve as a vessel for something greater? This recipe for "Bugle Cones" takes this iconic snack and utilizes its conical structure by filling them with a sweetened condensed milk mixture and dipping them in chocolate. Consider them mini-cannoli...am I right?
Get the recipe at
  • Cronut. Okay, fine—want to make a homemade Cronut? It will probably take less time than going to buy one.

Recently, we’ve seen a craze of genre-bending food combinations spreading through the Internet like wildfire. We will admit that we had a hand in creating one monstrous meme-worthy mashup, but that doesn’t mean all of these buzz-worthy hybrid foods are worth four hours of line-waiting with other goons.

The best way to avoid joining the ranks of the Cro-Tards? Skip all that nonsense and make your own gonzo eats at home.

From cookies cross-bred with s’mores to macarons jacked up with Cheetos, the combinations are seemingly endless. Here, we’ve round up some of genre-defying recipes to try at home—they’re are sure to confuse you at first, but they’ll inevitably make you turn on your oven and start cooking.

Click through the gallery to see some of the best mind-blowing mashup recipes on the Internet. 


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