Mark Wahlberg’s Burger Joint Gets A Reality TV Show

From Boogie Nights to burger nights.

Photo: Yelp,
Wiki Commons

Photo: Yelp, Wiki Commons

The Boston Herald reports that Mark Wahlberg and Paul Wahlberg’s Massachusetts burger joint, called Wahlburgers, will provide the setting for a new reality show featuring good ol’ Marky Mark and his friends and family.

Set to premier January 22nd on A&E (right after Duck Dynasty), the show will follow Mark’s brother—and Wahlburgers’ executive chef—Paul Wahlberg, as well as their mother Alma, who also works at the restaurant. Expect a cast of characters not too far off from those featured on Entourage, including Mark’s cousin Johnny Alves, who inspired that lovable C-lister Johnny Drama.

Though we do want to get a peek into the everyday lives of the Bostonian family, what we’re really curious about is the burgers. If the Yelp reviews are any indication—”This attempt at a burger chain fits in more with The Happening and Max Payne than it does with The Departed and The Fighter on Marky Mark’s resume“—they most likely won’t be making any “best of” lists. At least they use normal burger buns.

A BBQ bacon burger from Wahlburgers. (Photo: Yelp)

A BBQ bacon burger from Wahlburgers. (Photo: Yelp)

[via Boston Herald]


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