Lunch Inspiration: Fondue

  • Cheese fondue at Saveurs de Savoie in Paris (Photo:
  • Coconut Cajeta & Chocolate Fondue recipe from Food52 (Photo:
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  • Strawberry chocolate fondue at Max Brenner (Photo:
  • Pizza fondue at La Madia in Chicago (Photo:
  • Steak fondue at Le Refuge des Fondus in Paris (Photo:
  • Melty Raclette from French a la Carte (Photo:
  • Bourbon Chocolate Fondue recipe from Serious Eats (Photo:
  • Traditional Fondue Fribourgeois recipe from Food52 (Photo:
  • Dreamy chocolate fondue recipe (Photo:
  • Grilled cheese and tomato soup "fondue" at Nobhill Tavern in Las Vegas
  • Swiss fondue with fixings at Trestle on Tenth (Photo:

Fondue, which comes from the French verb fondre (to melt), is a retro interactive dish made with gooey melted cheese. If you’re attempting fondue at home, you can use Swiss, Emmental, Gruyère, Appenzeller, Comté, or Beaufort—or a combination of the above—with an optional dash of Kirsch brandy. If you’re going out for fondue with friends and find yourself in Paris, do hit up Pain Vin Fromages in the Marais district. If you’re in New York City, try out Kashkaval or Trestle on Tenth in Chelsea, Black Mountain Winehouse in Carroll Gardens, or The Bourgeois Pig in the East Village.

Whether you’re making fondue at home or braving the cold to find a gooey cauldron of cheese, know that fondue is the ultimate way to stay warm.

Click through the gallery for pictures of alluring photos of melty fondue.

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