Miss Cakehead Creates a Life-Size Unicorn Cake for National Baking Week

This pop-up magical meadow was on display in London’s Kingly Court.

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Miss Cakehead and her team of phenomenal food artists recently created a whimsical and 100% edible landscape in London’s Kingly Court.

Part of the edible landscape was a life-size unicorn cake filled with layers and layers of rainbow cake and covered in frosting. The cake landscape was on display October 11th and 12th, during which time visitors were able to, “dip frog-shaped cookies into a milk fountain; harvest meringue mushrooms; break honeycomb pieces from a bee hive; catch pastry butterflies and even pull hyper realistic looking carrot cakes from chocolate cookie earth,” reports a journalist who attended the event. This is basically what our dreams look like every night. Or at least we wish they did.

The edible wildlife scene was created in honor of National Baking Week, which runs October 14th through 20th. If you live in London (or were planning to board a plane immediately after reading this), don’t. In the saddest piece of news you’ll read all day, every last crumb of the unicorn cake and edible landscape has already been eaten.

Don’t fret, just check out the gallery above to see photos of the unicorn cake and incredible edible wildlife scene.

cakehead Miss Cakehead Creates a Life Size Unicorn Cake for National Baking Week

Miss Cakehead and her team of artists. (Photo: Miss Cakehead)

[via Huffington Post]

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