Meat-Master Kieran Gormley Sculpts Pop Culture Characters from Ground Beef

Link from Zelda has never looked so beefy.

  • Bulbasaur from Pokemon. (Photo: Epic Grinds)
  • Black Widow Spider. (Photo: Epic Grinds)
  • Gannondorf and Link from The Legend of Zelda. (Photo: Epic Grinds)
  • The Kraken. (Photo: Epic Grinds)
  • The Death Star and R2-D2 from Star Wars. (Photo: Epic Grinds)
  • Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails. (Photo: Epic Grinds)
  • Snake. (Photo: Epic Grinds)
  • Puppet. (Photo: Epic Grinds)
  • A minion from Despicable Me. (Photo: Epic Grinds)
  • Megaman and a Metroid. (Photo: Epic Grinds)
  • Meowth from Pokemon. (Photo: Epic Grinds)
  • Medusa. (Photo: Epic Grinds)
  • The starship Enterprise from Star Trek. (Photo: Epic Grinds)

The perfect cure for a case of the afternoon blahs at work? Craft your favorite film and video game characters out of ground beef, if you’re Kieran Gormley. Gormley, meat manager at Uwajimaya grocery store in Seattle, creates fantastic displays of robots and Pokemon from raw meat and accoutrement.

From Meowth to the Power Rangers, Gormley documents his creations at his blog, Epic Grinds.

Click through the gallery to see your favorite cartoon and sci-fi characters come to life in ground beef.

[via Epic Grinds, Design Taxi, Neotorama]

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