One Liquiteria Juice Contains as Much Sugar As 5 1/2 Cookies

Did you really think juicing was healthy?

Do you really think juicing is healthy? This good folks at the Huffington Post would beg to differ. HuffPo‘s original video looks at the sugar content of the most nutritious-sounding juices from various trendy juice companies. Here’s the results:

  • Liquiteria ‘Beets Me': 39g sugar (equal to the sugar in 5.6 cookies, or 1 can of coke)
  • Blueprint ‘Ginger Aid': 38g sugar (equal to the sugar in 5.4 cookies)
  • Juice Generation ‘Get Up Green': 36g sugar (equal to the sugar in 5.1 cookies)
  • Suja Elements ‘Bluetrients': 36g sugar (equal to the sugar in 5.1 cookies)
  • Organic Avenue ‘Royal Red': 30g sugar (equal to the sugar in 4.3 cookies)

And now, time for a few more super real facts about juicing:

  • “There’s nothing we can eat that will “detoxify” us—our kidneys, liver and colon do that work for us.”
  • “Chances are, any weight loss is merely water coming off as you starve yourself.”
  • “The Mayo Clinic explains, juicing can actually lead to weight gain, thanks to mega-doses of sugar without any of fruit’s naturally occurring fiber, which helps to mitigate the sugar during digestion.”
  • “Unfortunately, the isolated sugar from fruit looks very much like sugar from any other source—it is merely a mixture of fructose and glucose, to which your body responds identically.”
  • “At the very least, juicing can lead to a pretty epic blood sugar crash: Juice is also absent of protein and fat, which play a role in regulating blood sugar.”

So, next time you think: Oh hey, it’s January, better start that juice cleanse after a month of eating shit and drinking beer, THINK AGAIN.

[via Huffington Post]

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  • Brandon

    are these nutritional facts different for home juicing over store bought?

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