A Jimmy Kimmel Walk-Through of Doritos Locos Tacos Chips (Video)

Photo: Doritos Facebook page

Photo: Doritos Facebook page

The Doritos Locos Tacos sold at Taco Bell are being turned into a new signature flavor of Doritos chip. Seems like a pretty unsurprising decision seeing as the chip-encased tacos sold a whopping 375 million in 2012 alone. But the the whole thing has gotten a bit confusing, with chip being transformed into taco and then turned back into a chip again. Doesn’t that just bring you right back to where you began? Jimmy Kimmel tackles the conundrum of this new breed of Dorito on a recent show, calling them “either a snack or sequel to the movie Inception.”

Peep the faux commercial for the new chip-taco mashup and find out the answer for yourself when the snack goes on sale April 8th.

[via Eater]


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