Instagram Instigating: The Food Illuminati is at the MAD Symposium

Find out what Fergus Henderson wore to the event, who crashed a Korean after party, and which restaurant team partied after cooking for 600.

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  • Fergus Henderson wore an amazing hat to this year's MAD symposium. (Photo:
  • Food & Wine's Kate Krader loved Kogi BBQ chef Roy Choi's speech on hunger in L.A. (Photo:
  • LCD Soundsystem's James Murphy performed at MAD3 and we're jealous. (Photo:
  • Kate Krader got lucky and crashed Danny Bowien's Korean after party. (Photo:
  • D.O.M. chef Alex Atala on the big screen. (Photo:
  • The MAD3 co-curators René Redzepi and Dave Chang (Photo:
  • The Franks of Frankies 457 and Frankies Spuntino. (Photo:
  • The Franks with René Redzepi and the Noma crew. (Photo:
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  • Famed Italiani butcher Dario Cecchini began his talk at MAD3 by walking onto the stage to AC/DC and slicing a pig open. (Photo:
  • The staff at Mission Chinese partied after cooking food for 600. (Photo:
  • The Franks' Folks Bier  (Photo:
  • In an act of chivalry, René Redzepi carried people's backpacks. (Photo:

The MAD3 Symposium—a two day gathering of A-list chefs in Copenhagen—was a whirlwind of amazing eats and poignant conversation. Chefs and food personalities like René Redzepi, David Chang, Frank Castronovo and Falcinelli, Danny Bowien, Roy Choi, Francis Lam, and Alex Atala have been partying together, eating phenomenal food, and watching lots of butchering demonstrations.

Over the course of the two day symposium, more than a few amazing events went down: Chef Danny Bowien and his Mission Chinese Food staff cooked Mapo Tofu, Chongqing Shrimp, and Cumin Lamb for 600 people; D.O.M. chef Alex Atala killed a chicken onstage during his Death Happens lecture; Kogi chef Roy Choi suprised his audience with with a thoughtful speech about hunger, malnutrition, and the dearth of healthy food options in South Central LA. If that’s not enough to make you wish you were there, just know that cult food magazine Lucky Peach hosted a bo ssam party.

Click through the gallery to see the partying, camaraderie, and craziness that ensues when a slew of the world’s most famous chefs and food personalities get together for two days in Copenhagen. 


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