10 Things You Didn’t Know About In-N-Out Burger

There's a lot more to the cultish West Coast burger chain than the "secret" menu.


Photos: Flickr/@Aaron Friedman; Flickr/@jasonlam

Everyone knows In-N-Out Burger: Californians have eaten more orders of "Animal Style" fries than they can count, and non-Californians have ex-pat friends who won't shut up about the burger chain whose cult following makes Shake Shack's look tame. But just how well do you really know In-N-Out?

The notoriously private chain, family-owned for more than 60 years, isn't much for publicity, but there's still plenty to unearth about the Golden State's most beloved export. We've collected ten lesser-known trivia about In-N-Out, from its current president's lifelong hobby to its most notable celebrity fans. Here are ten things you didn't know about In-N-Out, so you can devour your next Double Double as a more informed customer.

Written by Alison Herman (@aherman2006)

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  • jbr05ki

    Why doesn’t this webpage work with Google Chrome?!

  • jbr05ki

    Why doesn’t this webpage work with Google Chrome?!

    • Junkie

      I’m using Chrome to view this page and it works great. You might want to go to your settings and erase your cache or history.

  • jj100!?/:)

    If I Was Stranded On An Island And I Could Have One Last Meal It Would Be From In And Out!!!

  • Marleena

    Environmentalists must be targeting this chain. It is okay to have a burger now and then. As long as they don’t use steroids and meat product like Mc’Donald’s they should be okay. Their burgers look delicious to me and I would definitely try one. There are restaurants that use real meat in their burgers. Wendy’s is one of them. Eating meat is not wrong. It’s necessary for proteins and nutrients that we need. We need to eat a normal, healthy, well balanced diet. We don’t need some crazy extremist deprivation diet of trees, leaves, sticks and berries.

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