How to Eat Like Lil Wayne

We look through Weezy's lyrics to discover some distressing dining habits.



When Lil Wayne finally decides to eat socially acceptable foods like cake and ice cream, he's either snatching it off of someone's plate and grubbing on it while they watch, or he's enjoying while they have to wait because of a bad attitude. Harsh. Still, the other option he presents us with—being eaten as the dessert course as an act of shaming or "sherberting"—seems way worse.

Sample Lyrics

Song: "P for Piru (Take it to the Head Remix)" (2011)
Lyrics: "I eat her ice cream..."

Song: "Apologize" (2008)
Lyrics: "I'm just trying to be the Great, trying to get a piece of cake / Take it off of your plate, eat it right in your face"

Song: "Ice Cream" (2010)
Lyrics: "I'm all over this ice cream beat like sprinkles / 'Why thank you', if you's a hater / I'm eating, you's a waiter"

Song: "A Milli" (2008)
Lyrics: "And you niggas is what I eating I'll make sure of it / And he who don't believe me, I'll make dessert of him / Sherbet him, I mean, shame on him"


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