The 11 Stages of a Eating Like a Rapper

Follow the journey of a hip-hop gourmand.

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  • Started from the bottom. Growing up as a kid, life is ain't easy—roaches in the cereal box, government cheese, sugar water, sardines for dinner. But don't worry: It'll all be fodder for keeping-it-real lyrics when you start to blow up.
  • The struggle years. While you're hustling to get a deal, the Chinese carry-out spot is your best friend. Either that or chicken fingers with fries. The only green you need in your diet is the type you smoke.
  • The mixtape's poppin'. Dollars aren't exactly rolling in, but you've got a few stacks to your name and you know that means: all-you-can-eat buffets and pizza for the whole crew.
  • You got signed! Time to take that money and ball out. Mobster favorites dominate your dining choices, but all that pasta and lobster has to go somewhere. The Freshman 15 applies to the rap game, too.
  • Touring overseas. It's time to broaden your culinary horizons and eat some shit you've never heard of. Norwegian breakfast, and you discover that you love Korean BBQ.
  • The album drops. And you're putting up numbers! The celebrations get more lavish, and now you're really living your filet mignon and Chandon dreams.
  • Escaping the paparazzi. You're too famous to just walk into Nobu and not be noticed now. You're getting VIP treatment around town, so you can eat your seared foie gras in peace.
  • Investing in restaurants. It's time to start doing something with all that money besides giving it to Ben Baller. Your financial advisor is bullish on fast-food franchises, and you love lemon-pepper wings, so owning some WingStops is a win-win.
  • The get-right plan. Years of touring and living the fast life has caught up with you. It's time to get healthy—maybe you'll make an earnest song about it, or open a juice bar. For most rappers, this phase shall pass.
  • Foodie status. Philippe and Mr. Chow don't cut it anymore. It's time to step your game up—it's not just Page 6 that's on your tail now, but food blogs trying to figure which hot spot you'll hit next. Sometimes, you just need to escape to a booth at
  • Private chef life. Now you've really made it. This isn't some MTV Cribs, your-mom-lives-in-your-guest-bedroom shit. This is the real deal—banquets on demand for you and the homies. If you're

Rappers, like the rest of us, are completely food-obsessed. They rhyme about everything from glazed doughnuts to swordfish, invest in restaurants, and Instagram meals made by their private chef. But like many of us, not all rappers were born gourmands—it’s just that their journey from the zero to 60 (or, in this case, Hamburger Helper to filet mignon) tends to be particularly accelerated due to the fast-track career of rap stardom. One day you’re on the block eating beef and broccoli out of a takeout container, and the next you’re on a private jet flying to Paris for the best croissant of your life. There’s a reason the music industry, like college, has a Freshman 15 stigma.

Studying lyrics and music videos, a common path toward hip-hop epicureanism emerges. From humble beginnings to extravagant feasts, the path to rap-life grubbing is strewn with chicken wings, lobster claws, and a whole lot of empty rosé bottles. Let’s take a journey through the rap-life diet, with some help from some of our favorite music videos.

Click through the gallery above to the essential stages of eating like a rapper.

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