How to Eat Cow Heart: A Beginner’s Guide to Offal

The meat maestro behind Takashi walks us through 10 delicious bovine cuts, from aorta to second stomach. Don't be scurred.

sweetbreads raw


Commonly misconceived as being a part of the brain, sweetbreads are actually made up of the thymus gland located in a cow's neck. Most Americans have only eaten sweetbreads after they have been battered and fried. Takashi believes in the purity of this protein, and chuckled when asked about frying the buttery morsels.

Name on menu: Shibire
Flavor profile: Tender, with the mild flavors of earthy liver. Takashi describes the offal as being similar to foie gras. The consistency is gelatinous when raw but silky and buttery when cooked.
Cooking: Cook for four to five minutes until they are firm in the center and have plumped-up in shape, sort of like scallops. Sweetbreads need more attention when cooking than other offal, and need to be turned regularly or else they will burn. The chef prefers his own secret sauce for nuggets.


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