This is the Most Effective Way to Eat a Hamburger, Says Science

Bet you thought scientist were too busy caring about space and stuff to care about hamburgers.

Photo: Kotaku

Photo: Kotaku

Once again, Japanese TV has a solution for all our problems. Kotaku reports that a program called Honma Dekka!? had scientists investigate the proper way to hold a hamburger.

They spent four months researching, and came back with the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, The Universe, and Everything.

The trick, as the scientists found out, is an even balance of force on both top and bottom of the burger (shown in the above photo). The traditional hamburger hold puts uneven pressure on the glorious sandwich, pushing its contents out of the bun and getting ketchup all over your lap again, dammit.

Here’s your proof:


[via Kotaku, Complex City Guide]


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