How to Cook a Great Gatsby-Style Feast

Throw a flapper-themed party, with Jay-Z on the speakers.

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  • Grilled (or Broiled) Oysters with Sriracha Lime Butter. We wish more people would grill or broil oysters—it's so easy, and the quick blast of heat concentrates the oysters' brine and browns their tips without drying them out.
  • Champagne Cocktail. The hands-down easiest cocktail recipe for champagne lovers.
  • Herbed Biscuit Bites with Ricotta Cream and Onion Jam. Paired with mild ricotta and sweet-tangy onion jam, these tiny biscuits are one-third of a power pop trio. The rosemary contributes a savory, resinous note, the Parmesan gives them plenty of umami, and the black pepper makes an excellent foil for the cool of the ricotta and sweetness of the jam.
  • Creamy Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms. These stuffed mushrooms are the kind of coveted hors d'oeuvre that go all too fast at a party—so it's a good thing this recipe makes enough for a big crowd.
  • Classic Martini. Gin and stirred, this drink is the most classic cocktail of all.
  • Paprika-Scented Manchego Chorizo Puffs. Manchego and chorizo are a classic pairing, and investing in the good Spanish stuff will pay dividends here.
  • Fig and Blue Cheese Savories. These delicate, crumbly little thumbprints are the perfect combination of sweet and savory, as their names suggests—they're like a great cheese plate all wrapped into one crunchy little morsel.
  • Rosemary Gin Cocktail. This cocktail smells as wonderful as it tastes. If you want to skip the step of grinding up your rosemary (and avoid the clean-up that follows), just steep the whole branches in your sugar water. We won’t tell.

You may have noticed: Great Gatsby excitement is at an all-time high—so high, in fact, that you may be over the whole thing before you’ve even seen what Leonardo Dicaprio in 3D looks like. Still, with the movie premiering today, we’ve caught ourselves dreaming of speakeasies, and turning up the jazz music (as well as that strange Jay-Z joint from the soundtrack). While the food of the 1920s may have left something to be desired, this recipe roundup is definitely worthy of a West Egg gathering. Whatever you do, don’t forget the gin—and enjoy the fact that it’s no longer Prohibition.

Click through the gallery above to get all of the recipes.

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