How to Butcher a Pig, in GIFs

These gory-but-gorgeous pig butchering GIFs cover everything from removing the head to band-sawing the saddle.

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All GIFs courtesy of Sean Botwinick (@seanbot)

A few months back, Complex TV and First We Feast brought you an excellent butchering demo with chef Preston Clark of The Cannibal, a hybrid bar–restaurant–butcher’s shop in NYC. For the video, we asked Clark to break down the process of, well, breaking down a pig. In an act of sheer brilliance, Complex Design Director Sean Botwinick took it a step further and made GIFs of the butchering demo, highlighting the most mesmerizing steps of the process.

Click through the gallery above to see all the gory-but-gorgeous pig butchering GIFs, and watch the original video to see all the action, from removing the head to band-sawing the saddle.



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