Eat This Tumblr: Hot Dog Legs

Are these photos of sexy, tanned legs bent at the knees? Or are they delicious hot dogs?!?

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It takes a brilliantly twisted and single-minded individual to see sexy, tanned legs bent at the knees and think: DELICIOUS HOT DOGS! Which is why the Internet’s latest amazing food Tumblr, Hot Dog Legs, has the Internet going nuts. (It also has us bowing down, screaming “we’re not worthy.”) The Tumblr’s creator asks a simple enough question: “Are they hot dogs or legs?” but we’ve been scrolling up and down, staring at the pictures and we honestly can’t tell. There’s a picture of what looks like legs just out of the pool, covered with glistening water drops—but are they really legs, or are they meat tubes?!! The only thing we know for sure is that you’ll never be able to look at tanned beach legs or hot dogs the same way again.

Click through the gallery above to see pictures of legs that look like wieners, or wieners that look like legs—who knows. All photos courtesy of Hot Dog Legs.

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