Holiday Gift Guide: 50 Awesome Ideas for Food Lovers

From dry-aged steaks for pops to craft-brew gift sets, we've found something for every type of gourmand in your life.

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  • Kreuz Market sausages. Straight out of the heart of Texas BBQ country, these sausages—especially the jalapeno-cheese variety—are among the best we've ever had. From $1.80 each.
  • New York Mouth artisan gift sets. This new company curates packages of local New York products so that you don't have to traipse around the flea markets picking up small-batch chocolates and artisanal candy canes. From $45.
  • 240Sweet artisanal marshmallows. These puffy treats, handmade in Indiana and spiked with everything from fresh strawberries to mocha chips, will change your definition of marshmallows forever. From $6.25.
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  • Camp Bacon Gift Box. Bless your favorite meathead with a bounty of cured pork from Zingerman's, Ann Arbor's legendary gourmet mail-order operation. From $100.
  • Eataly gift sets. Now that Eataly is in the mail-order game, you can get beautiful gift baskets—with themes like antipasta, sweets, and olive oil—shipped to your favorite Italian food obsessive. From $29.80.
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Alright, people—it’s time to stop procrastinating and come to terms with the fact that Christmas presents, Hanukkah gifts, and party favors are not just going to magically on their own this year. It’s time to hunker down and actually buy some shit!

But don’t freak out, you’re in good shape. First of all, it’s only December 10—there are still six nights of Hanukkah left, and Christmas is more than two weeks away. And secondly, we’ve made it easy on you by gathering together 50 awesome gift ideas that should cover every possible type of gourmand (and lush) in your life.

Remember: If you give someone the gift of food and drink, there’s a good chance some of it will end up back in your mouth. Cash back!

Click through the gallery above to see all of the gift ideas—the “buy it here” links under each will take you to an e-retail site where you can purchase the item, hassle-free.


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