The 30 Coolest Food and Booze Gifts of 2013

From bacon subscriptions to next-gen kitchen tools, we've got ideas for all the food obsessives in your life.

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  • Bacons of the World Pack from Belcampo Meat Co. The food-of-the-month-club concept gets a kick in the pants from Belcampo Meat Co., which offers a carnivore's dream: a regular shipment of American bacon made from  Ossabaw-Berskshire pigs (four times over the course of the year), plus another international style of cured meat with each package, including guanciale and British back bacon. $299.
  • Bitters and Bottles Cocktail Subscription. Another awesome subscription service, this one's for aspiring cocktail geeks. Each month they'll get a new batch of off-the-beaten-path spirits, along with five new recipes to learn. The ingredients and recipes build on each other from month to month, so that as time goes on you've got a top-notch home bar at your disposal. $95/month.
  • Bull Bottle Opener. This sturdy little bull can open any bottle for you. Use the horns to open a cold beer and the tail to uncork wine. $22.
  • Coffee Orange and Smoked Salt Caramels. Why buy mediocre candy when you can buy artisan caramels, amirite? These decadent sweets are rich and citrusy, with a coffee finish. $16 for 20 pieces.
  • Epicerie Boulud Charcuterie Selection. Daniel Boulud and his team know a thing or two how to make traditional French charcuterie—the Lyonnaise chef enlisted award-winning Parisian charcutier Gilles Verot to craft the world-class lineup of preserved meats for his restaurant empire. This gift set includes four meats—including pork jowl pâté and duck liver mousse flavored with Sauternes—plus accompaniments like cornichons, Dijon mustard, and brioche. $169.
  • The Searzall. This ingenious Kickstarter project from culinary wizard Dave Arnold of Booker & Dax allows you to sear anything, anywhere, without worrying about ruining your food with the burnt flavor of a blowtorch. Go watch the video for all the nerdy details, or just trust that it's awesome because David Chang uses it. $65 and up.
  • Orchidea Hot Chocolate Flavored With Orchid Root and Szechuan Pepper. This sharp and floral twist on hot chocolate combines 54% premium cacao with orchid root and Szechuan pepper. Peace out, Swiss Miss.
  • Counter Culture Holiday Coffee. Each year, Counter Culture—a North Carolina-based outfit widely consider one of the country's best coffee roasters—puts out a special holiday roast and donates $1 from each purchase to charity. The 2013 offering is described as " sweet and chocolatey with prominent dark-fruit notes"—sounds perfect for a little Christmas morning Aeropress action.  $14.95 per pack.
  • Saxelby Cheese Sampler. Saxelby has the best selection of American farmstead cheese in all of NYC. If it were up to us, we'd give the gift of "Cheesemonger’s Choice," which includes three scrumptious wedges of farmstead cheese, plus a box of Olive Oil and Sea Salt crackers. $8 to $200, depending on the size of the package.
  • Limited Edition Fall Chili Pepper Fusilli. This red chili and Habanero pepper-infused pasta will add a subtle kick to every bowl you make throughout the winter. $20 for two 16oz bags.
  • Rabbit Retro Ice Crusher.  Making frozen margaritas and daiquiris is no big deal with this original ‘50s ice crusher. This is a cocktail-party essential. $45.
  • Mason Jar Shaker. Using mason jars as glasses is so 2010. But using them as cocktail shakers? Well, that's the bee's knees. $35.
  • Bacon Soap. Bacon + soap = the best shower you've ever had. This realistic-smelling meaty slab o’ soap is the perfect stocking stuffer for the bacon lover in your life. $12.
  • Cocktail Nerd T-Shirt. Beer t-shirts are a dime a dozen—surprise your favorite boozehound with some half-cheeky, half-dorky gear from Cocktail Kingdom instead. $14.95.
  • Dogfish IPA Glass. Dogfish Head teamed up with Sierra Nevada and the celebrated glassmaker Spiegelau to create a new beer glass for a new frontier of beer: the super-hoppy American IPA. Ridges along the bottom help to aerate your brew as you drink it, and the narrow shape funnels all those hoppy aromas right to your nose. $9 each.
  • Barrel Matured Bourbon Maple Syrup. What's better than straight-up maple syrup? Amber-grade maple syrup matured in charred American oak barrels with a bit of raw Tuthilltown bourbon. $28.
  • Spanish Paella Ingredient Assortment. Making real-deal paella is awesome, but gathering the proper supplies can be a pain in the ass, not to mention expensive when you have to buy more of each ingredient than you actually need. If you know any Spain obsessives, make it easy for them with this high-grade paella-making kit from the Food52 Provisions store. $37.
  • José Andrés Galician Cockles. Here's another one for the Spanish food lovers on your list: A fancy imported ingredient you won't find at your local grocery store, endorsed by superstar chef (and non-sellout) José Andrés. Anyone who loves clams will dig these coveted salt-water mollusks. $29 per pack.
  • Haute Sauce Collection. This handsome selection of Portland, OR-made hot sauces includes funky flavors like Habanero Carrot Curry, Serrano Ginger Lemongrass, Red Chili Lime, and Smoked Habanero Barbecue sauces. $25 for four jars.
  • Zummo Sausages and Boudin. Here's a good backstory for the lover of food and rap music in your life: Buy it here.
  • Stove-Top Smoker. This stainless steel contraption smokes food indoors right on your stovetop. Because who doesn't want to smoke salmon, baby back ribs, and brisket in the comfort of his kitchen? $34.
  • Hammered Copper Moscow Mule Mug. Everyone should own a Moscow Mule mug. This one, from the esteemed cocktail-supply store The Boston Shaker, happens to be pretty effing handsome. $34.
  • Beer Dreamer Food and Drink Sets. Old-fashioned "Beer of the Month" club memberships are starting to look a little weak in an age when even the corner bodega has a solid craft-brew selection. But this new-school gifting service ups the ante by not only offering top-notch, hard-to-find beers, but also throwing in artisanal food pairings like chocolate and cheese to go with them. From $75.
  • 3-in-1 Avocado Slicer. There's no time like the holidays to buy kitchen gadgets that are totally unnecessary, but also totally fun and awesome. This avocado slicer makes a fine stocking stuffer for lazy home cooks. $9.99.
  • Coravin Wine Tool. Obviously, a machine that allows you to pour wine without actually opening the bottle sounds like a Sky Mall-style piece of crap that will never actually work. But the Coravin is gaining traction at some of the country's best restaurants and wine bars, where sommeliers use it to pour wines by the glass without spoiling the bottle by letting in oxygen. If it's good enough for them, it'll be great for your favorite wine nerd. $299.
  • "May You Never" Flask. A flask should be classy, portable, and complicit in bad decision-making—this one has it all. $22.98.
  • Coach + Billy Reid Kentucky Cocktail Set. This super-luxe traveling cocktail set is for true jet-setters only. The set includes a leather folding case that conceals three leather-wrapped, hand-blown glass flasks; two shot glasses; a folding bar knife; a cocktail spoon and fork; and a cocktail napkin. Sterling silver Coach and Billy Reid engraved caps top each flask. $600.
  • The Bicycle Wine Rack. You know that friend of yours who rides of fixed-gear bike everywhere and loves biodynamic reds? BOOM. $34.
  • Shelfies All-Over-Print Food Sweatshirts. The only food fashion that matters. The chocolate-chip cookie and french-fry editions are untouchable. $59.99.
  • Pop Chart Labs "Fantastically Fictive Beers" Poster. Pop Charts Labs makes all sorts of awesome prints, t-shirts, and mugs, but our favorite newcomer is this visual breakdown of fictional brews from TV and film. $28.

‘Tis the season—the season to over-indulge, and to encourage others to do the same by giving them food, booze, and gadgets that will help them consume food and booze more prolifically over the coming year.

Food gifts are great because they are the most selfish gifts: When the recipient realizes he can’t possibly eat all that bacon or drink all that whiskey, you have not choice but to step in and share the bounty. (Cash back!) And even if the gift is not immediately edible, culinary gear and gadgets can help people get more excited about cooking, mixing cocktails, or homebrewing—all skills that might make your life a bit tastier if you continue to be friends/lovers/whatevers.

But hold up—as with any genre of gift, there’s a lot of crap out there that’s not worth your hard-earned cash. So now that the tomfoolery of Black Friday is over, let’s get this clear-headed e-commerce thing underway. We’ve searched far and wide to find the coolest food- and drink-related gifts to order online this season—whether you’re shopping for a carnivore, a beer nerd, an itinerant boozehound, or a home-cooking wizard, we’ve got you covered.

Click through the gallery above to see all of the gift ideas—the “buy it here” links under each will take you to an e-retail site where you can purchase the item, hassle-free.

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