Here’s How to Order Mountain Dew Flavored Cheetos to Your Door (from Japan)

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Photo: Brand Eating

The latest insane Frito Lay snack flavor to come out of Japan is a limited-edition Mountain Dew Cheetos snacks. According to one reviewer, they taste like “sweet lemon lime chips.” We’re in.

Now, like anyone who likes weird snack foods, we immediately dropped what we were doing when we heard this news and figured out where we can cop some Mountain Dew Cheetos of our own. Turns out, it’s easier to get stuff shipped from Japan than we though (thanks, globalism).

All you have to do is head to, where you can order MD Cheetos for $3.50 a pop. Shipping’s a whole other story (pricing details below). But as a wise man once told me: when you can get weird Japanese Cheetos shipped to your door, you don’t think about cost, you just do it.

Shipping details from

Shipping details from

[via Brand Eating]

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  • Ben Nichols

    Ordered from JBOX on Monday the 6th. Today (Wednesday the 8th) I received an email stating my order had been cancelled. No explanation provided. :(

    • GW

      They most likely got SO many orders from overseas once word got out that they’ve run out of stock to ship. That and I bet they want to keep their treats to themselves. If there’s a local Asian or Japanese market near you, try there. I’m in NYC and I know they’ll pop into some small to medium-sized Japanese market here at some point or at that Japanese mall across the river I forget the name of…

      • Tadashi Hirano

        You must be talking about Mitsuwa in NJ.

        • Clean up computer

          Really jealous of ya’ll. Down here in DFW I have to try to scope out stores that are “pan-Asian” or Korean marts for hopes of finding Japanese products at all.

  • NANA

    I live in Japan — I’ve had them. Personally not a fan, but definitely try them if you can.

    When it hits your tongue it feels like the powder is ‘carbonated’ and they taste like a lemon wafer mixed with lime and corn. It’s a funky flavor and the ‘carbonation’ leaves a weird feeling on your tongue.

    shit is cray.

  • Jamie JJ

    Mt Dew Cheeots are no longer listed on JBOX

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