12 Food-Related Album Covers You May Have Forgotten

Everyone from The Darkess to The Rolling Stones knows that incorporating food into album artwork is a sure-fire way to grab people's attention.

  • Artist: The Darkness Album title: Hot Cakes (2012)Buy it here: told creative agency TOURSIT to create "an unapologetically mainstream 70’s porn, kitsch Linda Lovelace vs Raquel Welch vibe."
  • Artist: Yeah Yeah Yeahs Album title: It's Blitz! (2009)Buy it here: fact: That’s actually the hand of the band's frontwoman, Karen O.
  • Artist: Herb Alpert & the Tijuana Brass Album title: Whipped Cream & Other Delights (1965)Buy it here: living in Longview, WA.
  • Artist: The Books Album title: The Lemon of Pink (2003)Buy it here:
  • Artist: The Who Album title: The Who Sell Out (1967)Buy it here: allegedly caught pneumonia after the shoot).
  • Artist: Animal Collective Album title: Strawberry Jam (2007)Buy it here: Lennox wanted the production of the album to sound like the jam looked—"that is to say, something that's really synthetic and sharp and futuristic looking," but also "tangy and sweet, almost in a kind of aggressive way in terms of the way it tastes."
  • Artist: Guns n’ Roses Album title: The Spaghetti Incident? (1993)Buy it here:
  • Artist: Ras Kass Album title: Sushi (2012)Buy it here:
  • Artist: Supertramp Album title: Breakfast In America (1979)Buy it here:
  • Artist: George Benson Album title: Giblet Gravy (1968)Buy it here:
  • Artist: Divine Fits Album title: A Thing Called Divine Fits (2012)Buy it here:
  • Artist: The Rolling Stones Album title: Let It Bleed (1969)Buy it here: According to MoMA, “Robert Brownjohn was hired by his close pal Keith Richards to design the cover, and he in turn hired Delia Smith—the same Delia Smith who would go on to become a well-known British cookbook writer and television celebrity—to bake the cake. As quoted in bassist Bill Wyman’s memoir, Rolling with the Stones, Smith recalled, ‘I was working then as a jobbing home economist with a food photographer who shot for commercials and magazines. I’d cook anything they needed. One day they said they wanted a cake for a Rolling Stones record cover, it was just another job at the time. They wanted it to be very over-the-top and as gaudy as I could make it.’”

Album art should be eye-catching and provocative, and incorporating food (and sex) into the visuals is a sure-fire way to grab people’s attention. Just take The Darkness’ 2012 Hot Cakes cover, which features golden bikini-clad ladies covered in maple syrup sitting atop oversized pancakes. Alternatively, there’s the 1969 Let It Bleed cover depicting a cake with layers comprised of a plate, film canister, clock face, pizza, tire, and miniature figurines of the Stones playing a concert. All we know is, we love to stumble upon a vintage record donning a beautiful, food-splattered sleeve—or at least to see tasty new artwork pop up on a Spotify playlist.

From Yeah Yeah Yeahs to George Benson, we pay tribute to some of the greatest food-themed covers of all time, including a few obscurities you might have missed. Click through the gallery above to see them all.

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