Gizmodo Gives a Visual Tour of The World’s Most Modern Slaughterhouse

And more awesome stuff other people did on the Internet today.

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  • "'Listen to that' says my guide, Agnete Poulsen. 'Listen to what?', I think. 'There are thousands of pigs in here, and you can hardly hear a sound. Have you ever heard the noise that ten pigs can make? It's incredible. These are very calm pigs—and that's the way we want them to be.'"
  • "The pigs continue on their journey along a long line, strung up by their legs. They disappear into a cabinet, where an automatic saw chops their body in half."
  • "Then a series of workers remove different organs from each side of the body – one lucky guy's job is to remove the brain, the next one the heart, and so on. Needless to say, there is a lot of blood."
  • "From the 'black' slaughter line, the pigs are hung for 16 hours in a refrigerated room, before moving on to the next line for general butchering by hand, then packaging, before being loaded on to trucks and whizzed off to far-flung places."
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Follow Gizmodo inside the Danish Crown slaughterhouse in Horsens, Denmark, which is touted as “the most modern slaughterhouse in the world.” The gallery above shows Gizmodo contributor Alastair Philip Wiper‘s in-your-face photos of the operation, but head here for the full story of the high-tech slaughterhouse. (Spoiler: the slaughterhouse at Horsens kills approximately 100,000 pigs per week, making it one of the largest in the world.)

Then, take a virtual tour of the slaughterhouse on the Danish Crown website.

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