15 Incredible Frozen Treats That You Can Make Right Now

From cherry lambic popsicles to peanut butter ice box cake, these frozen desserts will keep you cool all summer long.


Summer is almost here, and temperatures are beginning to rise on both coasts. As the sun begins its relentless assault on our sanity, it's crucial to have a freezer full of delicious treats to cool you off in moments of need.

Whether it's floral ice cubes for that perfect by-the-pool-cocktail, a modern spin on the classic ice box cake, or boozy popsicles, there are countless ways make DIY treats that put those freezer-burned Chipwiches to shame. Breaking out one of these desserts at a party is a sure-fire way to win yourself some new friends, if not bedfellows.

Here's 15 frozen dessert recipes that will keep you cool all summer long.

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