Is the Newest Oreo Flavor Fried Chicken?


Photo: Beasley's

Photo: Instagram/@moorestyle10, Beasley's

Golden fried chicken-flavored Oreos need to get up on them grocery store shelves, STAT.

CBS Local posted a picture of the illusive finger-licking Oreos, with the question: Real or fake?


Here’s the thing: Life has no purpose without fried chicken. Same goes for Oreos.

But now that we’ve seen this photo, it seems that life has no purpose without fried chicken Oreos.

Side note: we’d definitely fux with these “Moreo” cookies, too.


Photo: Waffles at Noon

[via CBS Local]

  • Dee Jay

    So how long before someone calls this racist and sues Nabisco?

  • JoeJoeBarker

    I have no idea as to what prompted these but they sound a little strange to me !! I don’t think i would ever even get to tasting them really i don’t think i want to either ya know what i mean ? They just don’t sound good to me but again that’s just my opinion and i am entitled to that Okay Now that’s out of the way Thanks For The Info. Sincerely JoeJoeBarker <3

  • Guest

    These are a fake — logic and the obvious Photoshop job tells me.

  • The Plain Cheese

    Yes, a total fake, ripped from the Watermelon package:

  • aaron warren

    I like the idea, I would definitely try them.

  • MrsM

    I actually had someone tell me that these were, in fact, real and she saw them at Wal-Mart yesterday. Really?

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