Your Tasting Menu Needs More Reindeer Penis (Video)

Stockholm’s Restaurant Frantzén unveils its 2014 Winter Tasting Menu with three minutes of top-shelf food porn.

Restaurant Frantzén – Winter edition 2014 from vdKG Design on Vimeo.

Stockholm’s Restaurant Frantzén, which currently sits at #12 on the World’s Best Restaurants list, has condensed its two-hour seasonal tasting menu into three minutes of seriously high-end food porn. Included in the procession of eye-popping dishes: galaga-root macaron with bird’s liver, fermented rye soup as a “bread course, and a tartar of reindeer topped with grated reindeer penis. Another dish is listed on the menu with 43 ingredients. Watch it while you eat your instant oatmeal at your desk!

[via Eater]


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