Food as Weapon: The Funniest Food Attacks of All-Time, in GIFs

An ode to the time-honored American tradition of throwing food into people's faces.

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  • The O.G. pie thrower. The father of the pie-in-the-face tradition, Charlie Chaplin, shows us how it's done. (Source:
  • A target in the crowd. Even Steve Aoki knows the importance of throwing cake in the face of his unassuming fans, who will rage face whether they're caked or not. (Source:
  • The drive-by burger toss. British hidden-camera show Balls of Steel shows us just how brilliant it can be to throw burgers at people's heads out of the sun roof of a moving vehicle. (Source:
  • Steak to the dome. Gotta love the innovation here—nobody could pull off the steak throw better than Rico from Napoleon Dynamite. (Source:
  • Pizza face. Any variation of an up-close, slow-mo pizza slap is going to be pure gold. (Source:
  • Hoisted by her own petard. This poor woman is trying to slingshot a watermelon across a battlefield, but instead she slingshots a watermelon directly into her own face. Seriously, we hope her face is okay. (Source:
  • A slap 'round the face with a wet kipper. This super slow-mo fish slap is beautiful, and something that nobody but the guys from Jackass could have pulled off. We thank you, Danger Ehren, for putting your life on the line for our amusement. (Source:
  • Food-fight innovation. It's really rare that you see cereal used as a weapon. This goes to show you that you should never underestimate the value of a bowl of cereal. (Source:
  • Karma got Paula Deen long before a lawsuit could. Seriously, Paula Deen got a frozen ham thrown at her face once. (Source:
  • The world's most eic food fight. What would a roundup of flying food be without Spain's infamous La Tomatina festival in the mix? (Source:
  • It's only entertainment. Hate to admit it, but the WWE does food fights pretty epicly. (Source:

If history has shown us anything, it’s that throwing pie in an unassuming victim’s face always gets laughs. It’s a trope that’s been played out in popular culture since the time of Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin. Pie-in-the-face has been used as a celebratory gesture during a winning baseball player’s post-game interview, and it’s been used at barbecues and parties across the USA for centuries.

Recently, as a country, we’ve evolved from just using pie to attack people. We’ve pushed the food-attack envelope, finding new and innovative foodstuffs—raw fish, pizza, cereal—to throw in people’s faces. And so, to prove a point (not sure what that point is, exactly), we’ve found the best pie throws, pizza slaps, drive-by burger attacks, and a clip of Paula Deen getting hit in the face with a frozen ham (no joke).

Click through the gallery above to see the funniest food attacks of all-time.


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