Five Guys is Testing Customizable Milkshakes

Add-ins include Double Stuf Oreos, bacon, and salted caramel. Sounds mad healthy.

Photo: Five Guys

Photo: Five Guys

Five Guys Burgers and Fries is currently testing milkshakes at select locations in New York and New Jersey, with plans to expand over the next month. 

But that’s not the truly exciting part of the shake news. The Five Guys milkshakes are customizable, with 10 add-ins (listed above) that you can “mix and match to your heart’s content.” Do we see Double Stuf Oreos and bacon on that list? 

Is it us, or did Five Guys just create every super-stoner’s dream milkshake experience?


[via Foodbeast]

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  • Roy Hanks

    this is preposterous!!!!!

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