Reddit’s Shittyfoodporn Channel Features Struggle Plates Made to Look “Fancy”

"Crushed ice with a sriracha drizzle" is currently leading the league in struggle.


Photo: Reddit

Reddit’s Shittyfoodporn Channel strikes again, showcasing the struggles of the not-so-culinarily-gifted. It seems these Reddit-ors think terrible food tastes better if it’s artfully composed on the plate—we might not agree with the premise, but we do appreciate the creativity.

From an octopus hotdog to Sriracha ice, here are 11 attempts to make horrible food look “fancy.”

“Eau Braised Octodog on a Bed of Shells Au Fromage”


“Chicken nuggets on a bed of microwaved mac n’ cheese”



“Hard boiled eggs and shrimp suspended in a ring of lime jello, served cold”


“Tangy cheese Doritos and a cut-up hot dog with undercooked pasta”


“Bacon and ramen wrapped hot dog with sriracha drizzle and hot sauce reduction”


“Toast circles topped with American cheese, cold hot dogs, and julienne pickles”


“Cheese plate”


“I did a little entertaining over the holidays”


“No food left in the house. I present: crushed ice with a sriracha drizzle”


“Pork fried rice in an elegant molded shape”


[via Reddit]

  • Jonian Sparemiah

    Applause, Acclaim, Accolades, and Antacid. Bravo!

  • Daniel L. Cox

    When I was a youngster 50 years ago, times were tough, Mom was at work and Dad was watching me (one of the few times) as lunch time approached there was no food in the house. Opening the fridge door, A bottle of ketcup. Added to hot water, salt and pepper and some soda crackers. Viola … lunch for a 6 year old.

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