How to Sound Smarter and Waste Less Money When Eating Fancy Food

After chatting up experts on everyhing from sushi to whiskey, we've compiled the most eye-opening rules of thumb to keep in mind when hitting the town.


We've talked before about the looming judgment of foodies who seem to be everywhere you turn these days, ready to roll their eyes at your truffle fries or tsk at the sight of your pumpkin spice latte. But you know what's even worse than dealing with bozos who have an opinion about your tilapia? Getting fleeced when you're trying to shell out on something luxurious, or making an embarrassing ordering faux pas when you're out with a date. Words won't hurt you, but ripoffs and heartbreaks are real.

In our High Life Decoded series, we track down experts who can help us cut through the hype and debunk common myths about our favorite splurges, from oysters to whiskey to sushi. Read them all if we want to understand the nuances of dry-aged beef production or lobster fishing. But as a cheat sheet for navigating the higher rungs of the dining world, we've put together this hit list of luxe-food facts that will help you not only sound smarter at the table, but also call bullshit on any restaurant or bar trying to up-sell you on something that's not worth the money.

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