Johnny Drama’s Most Memorable Meals

Entourage's biggest clown has always been a legend in the kitchen.


For most of Entourage’s run, Johnny Drama—the eternal Hollywood D-lister—played second fiddle to his younger brother Vince, earning his keep by being the crew’s de facto live-in chef. While he’s naturally just as much of a clown as Turtle, his domestic duties bring out the other, softer side of John Chase: the protective, nurturing chaperone to Vinny and the rest of the gang.

As Turtle puts it, “Giving us food poisoning gives Drama a reason to live.” More often than not he handles breakfast exclusively, a routine so ingrained that multiple episodes find Vince, E, and Turtle at a loss when Drama goes M.I.A. He may be a shitty actor, but apparently he’s a damn good cook (most of the time). Here, we celebrate the best meals Johnny whipped up for the boys in the show's eight seasons.

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